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Waterproof motorcycle speakers for 12 volt systems.
Also good for jet skis, golf carts etc.

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Indira Stefanniana is multitalented. She is a singer, composer, playwright, voice over artist and actress. She performed the cartoon voices of Daphne in "Scooby Doo" and Princess Dawn in "Here Comes the Grump." Indira was part of your everyday lives singing jingles, most notably her ATT's "Reach Out and Touch Someone", which won a CLIO Award.

She has raised a multi talented son who is also in the arts and multimedia. Indira is a real denizen of Laurel Canyon where she has kept a home for over 35 years.

Indiras’ photo Collage can be seen at the following galleries:
My Art - Cover Diana’s Gallery

See Indira at the Wishire Center Community Onlne Click here to go to the Wilshire Center Media Player site.

Street performance held on Nov 3 2000 at 12 noon on the corner of Wilshire & Normandie.

By: Indira's Floating Surprise Dance Theatre

Sponsored by: The Wilshire Center Business Improvement Corporation

This is only a screen shot of Indira’s Mpeg performance. You must go to the Wilshire Center site to view the working media Player

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